‘Run Out Of Options’: Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife ‘Regrets’ Divorce After Losing Badly In Support War, Sources Claim


Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner allegedly regrets dumping the Yellowstone star after her demands for hefty child support payments were shut down in their $400 million divorce, RadarOnline.com has learned.

As we previously reported, earlier this month, Costner and Baumgartner announced they had finalized a deal to end their bitter court war.

Sources spilled the unemployed handbag designer, 49, felt she had no choice but to settle with Costner, 68, after her former meal ticket came out on top in multiple court clashes — including a war over their prenup, sources spilled.

“Christine caved because her lawyer advised her to ‘cut bait and run,’ an insider dished to The National Enquirer.

The actor’s powerhouse legal team had already succeeded in slashing the star’s support payments for the pair’s children — Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

Baumgartner was initially awarded $129k in temporary support. A couple of days later, she demanded the amount be increased by $32k.

In court, she testified that their 3 children have luxury in their DNA and needed to live the same lifestyle with her as their father.

Costner argued Baumgartner was basing her request off his finances when he was pulling in Yellowstone paychecks. The actor was being paid millions per season but recently left the show.

He also testified that he invested $20 million into his upcoming film Horizon. Costner said he would not be able to pay substantial support per month without having to sell off real estate or other assets.


The judge ended up ordering Costner to pay $63k per month in support to his ex. The judge also informed Baumgartner that the iron-clad prenuptial agreement she’d signed nearly two decades ago would be enforced — and if she wanted to fight it she’d have to pay Costner’s legal bills and return $1.5 million he paid her following their split.

“Christine had run out of options. She was getting beaten at every turn,” said a source. Another insider added, “She’s kicking herself for forcing Kevin to agree to a divorce when she was living the high life with unlimited funds at her disposal, and everything paid for by her husband.”

“She’s got to be asking herself: What was I thinking? She must know she blew it royally — and there’s no going back,” said another source.

Sources claim Costner encouraged his ex to settle by offering more money in the deal. “Now she’s acting the part of a poor little rich girl and whining to her friends she’ll have to get a job — even after the substantial payout she received,” said a source.

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