Sylvester Stallone’s Wife Jennifer Flavin On Adele Keeping Rocky Statue After Buying Their House


Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, chatted with ET at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and reacted to Adele moving into her and Stallone’s previous home — and keeping the iconic Rocky Balboa statue in the backyard.

Flavin was on the red carpet for the premiere of her husband’s Netflix documentary, Sly, where she stopped to talk with ET’s Rachel Smith about her previous home’s mega-famous new owner.

“When she did buy our house, she wanted the Rocky statue in the back of the pool, and honestly, I’m happy ’cause she’s such an amazing artist and we love her and it’s like we admire her work so much,” Flavin gushed.

The Family Stallone star revealed that there are only two original Rocky statues — one that resides at the Philadelphia museum and another that remains with the Stallones. The statue that Adele kept was created by a different artist, but Flavin assured that it’s “quite great as well.”


When asked if she and Stallone knew that Adele was such a fan of the franchise before she moved in, Flavin replied, “No we didn’t know. We’ve never met her, so for us, it was such a cool story that she kept it and knowing the statue’s gonna live on with her.”

Adele reportedly bought the Los Angeles home last year for $58 million — a significant savings from the home’s original listing price of $110 million, which Stallone then reduced to $80 million before selling to Adele.

The property is located in Beverly Park on a 3.6-acre lot featuring scenic views.

After the purchase, Adele completed top-to-bottom renovations taking off the entire second story of the mansion and knocking down basically every wall — however, the mansion’s original pool and Rocky statue stayed put!

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