The Best Big Brother 25 Player Has Already Been Evicted But They Could Still Win America’s Favorite Houseguest


Big Brother 25 has already lost its best player, but that houseguest still has the chance to win the $50,000 America’s Favorite Houseguest prize

Big Brother season 25 contestant Cameron Hardin may have been evicted, but he seems to have a strong chance at winning the coveted $50,000 America’s Favorite Houseguest prize. The current game has featured many strong players so far, but he’s clearly a fan-favorite. Cameron won the most competitions of all of the Big Brother 25 houseguests. He won Head of Household (HOH) three times and the Power of Veto twice. In addition, he won the Resurrection Rumble and the Do or Die Competition and earned his place back in the game. Cameron was nominated five times and managed to survive until week 10 when he was backdoored and joined the jury.

In a Big Brother Instagram post, fans were asked to choose which of the eight remaining Big Brother 25 houseguests (America Lopez, Blue Kim, Bowie Jane, Cirie Fields, Cory Wurtenberger, Felicia Cannon, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz) is playing the best game so far.

There was no real consensus about which of them is the best. However, although Cameron wasn’t a choice, many fans selected him. @bege46 wrote, “The best player just got voted out of the game. Cameron.” @mollynardiello added, “Cameron. Absolute BB LEGEND.” @marnie_hauser_1 declared, “Cameron was playing the game the best. He should have won the whole thing. Most of these players are just floaters.”

Big Brother 25 Fans Want Cameron Hardin To “Come Back”

In another Big Brother Instagram post in which Cameron was interviewed, fans flooded the comments section with words of praise for the evicted houseguest. @pret.ty.e wanted to see Cameron return to the game, writing, “Come backkkkkk! We’re boredddd!” @missheather_b hoped that Cameron could come back for an All-Stars season someday, saying, “I wanted Cam to win it all from the very beginning…He was a great player of the game and I hope they do an All Stars season again and bring Cam back.” Many fans promised to vote for Cameron for America’s Favorite Houseguest when the time comes.


Although there are several different ways to play Big Brother, many fans liked Cameron’s style the best. He was a fierce physical and mental competitor who wasn’t afraid to make big moves. His back was constantly against the wall, but he managed to fight and stay in the game for 11 weeks. Cameron won competitions and fearlessly showed what he was capable of. On the other hand, two of the remaining Big Brother 25 houseguests, Cirie Fields and America Lopez, have never won an HOH or Power of Veto competition yet, while Bowie, Blue, Felicia, and Cory have only won one competition each.

It’s almost certain that Cameron will return to play Big Brother again in the future. He was reminiscent of the old-school players such as Janelle Pierzina who played boldly and weren’t afraid of the targets on their backs because they knew that they could win. It would be fun and exciting to see Cameron play Big Brother with competitors who think about the game the same way that he does. For now, Cameron is a strong contender for the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize, which would be well-deserved.

Big Brother season 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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