While I’m Missing Big Brother 25 Already, Seeing Cirie Fields And The Houseguests Crash The Bold And The Beautiful Is Making Me Feel Better


Big Brother Season 25 is long gone, and while I realize it’s a major problem to do a season that lasts 100 days, I can’t help but feel sad about not having live feeds on my Paramouunt+ subscription to check up on the Houseguests. Fortunately, there are other opportunities to see them, and after seeing some pictures from when Cirie Fields and others crashed the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, I feel a bit better.

It’s become a tradition that at least one Big Brother Houseguest appears on The Bold and the Beautiful following the end of the game. Season 16 favorite Donny Thompson was a guest star, for example, and now the daytime soap opera welcomed Cirie Fields and Matt Klotz on for a future episode. Check out the photo of them arriving on set, alongside Jared Fields and Reilly Smedley, below:

Jared showing up was obvious, considering Cirie is his mother, and it’s not entirely shocking to see Reilly Smedley there as well. After all, she told CinemaBlend she had future plans with Matt Klotz. Plus, after seeing the picture Reilly shared on Instagram, this showmance might be blossoming into an actual relationship. Though obvious, it’s always cool to see Houseguests hanging out after the show and that there are no hard feelings after the game.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s actress Ashley Aubra shared a more intimate look at the episode, which showed Cirie Fields dressed as a doctor. It’s absolutely fitting that the woman who ran most of the season with her Survivor social tactics gets the title of “Doctor,” even if it’s just for one episode of a soap opera:



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Jared Fields is used to his mom being in the limelight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be the proud son occasionally. He shared a photo of the two of them to his Instagram, and after looking at this image, it’s truly a wonder they were able to keep their connection as mother and son a secret from most of the cast:

Notice that Blue Kim, whom Jared jeopardized his game to share the secret with, is not in the picture. Granted, I’m not sure there’s any reason for that beyond she might have had other plans, or the Big Brother showmance just wasn’t as deep as it seemed to be. Hey, that happens from time to time. However, I do wish she was there so she could’ve suggested The Bold and the Beautiful add a line that included “Kitty kitty purr, boots down.” Sadly, we’ll just have to settle for listening to it when rewatching the season.

Big Brother is already on the road to Season 26, and there’s even a spinoff of Reindeer Games coming to the 2023 TV schedule on December 11th to CBS. As for The Bold and the Beautiful, catch Matt and Cirie on the soap opera when it airs on December 20th on CBS.

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