Will General Hospital Have Nina Reeves Corinthos Blackmail Michael After SEC Outing?

How the GH tables will soon turn.
Michael currently thinks he has the upper hand over his new stepmom Nina Reeves Corinthos, but might we soon be seeing General Hospital feature her turning the tables on her son-in-law? Right now, Michael is letting everyone think that Ned was the one who called the SEC on Carly and Drew because he prefers to blackmail the real culprit, Nina. But, as we all know, nothing stays secret on GH for long. The truth will come out sooner rather than later. And then, Nina will have a unique opportunity for payback. Here’s how.
Turnabout Is Fair Play For Nina Reeves Corinthos
When Michael (Chad Duell) blackmailed Nina (Cynthia Watros), she had no choice but to go along (refresh your memory here). Well, she did have another choice. She could have gone straight to Willow (K atelyn MacMullen), confessed all, and told her about Michael’s blackmail. See how Willow likes her husband now. Then again, Willow would probably have run straight into Michael’s arms, saying how grateful she is of him taking care of their family in such a manly and not at all weasel-like manner. So we get the risk.
Michael is enjoying the power he holds over Nina so much, that he is content to let Ned (Wally Kurth) take the blame for something Nina did. (Notice we’re not calling it a crime. Since reporting a crime that the criminals actually committed is not, you know, a crime.)
Tell Me What You Want
But when the truth comes out and everyone is telling Nina what a horrible, dishonest person she is — how could she let Ned take the blame for her actions — what we hope happens is that Nina gets Mikey alone and whips out a recording proving he’s known she and not Ned was the culprit for weeks — months!
If Michael doesn’t want Nina to spill the beans, here’s what’s going to happen now….Michael is going to be Nina’s new best friend. When everyone piles on her, Michael will defend her. He’ll tell Willow and company to give Nina another chance. Or else now it will be her turn to tell all! Think this could really happen?
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