Big Brother 25 spoilers: Veto Meeting Results From Bowie Jane’s HOH week


The live feeds have just revealed Big Brother 25 spoilers.

The Week 10 Veto Meeting was held early on Monday, October 9, and it produced the final list of candidates for eviction.

Bowie Jane was awarded two nominations after winning the most recent HOH Competition.

She nominated Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields.

Bowie Jane was still angry over how the women had treated her, so the justification was sound.

However, she didn’t rule out the possibility of a backdoor later in the week.

A plan stemming from the Veto Competition

Zingbot visited the houseguests this week, and then they played OTEV.

The memorable Veto Competition is a right of passage for people who do well on Big Brother.

But it sounds like some of the houseguests threw the challenge. Felicia claims that Bowie Jane lost on purpose, and Cirie stated that America Lopez also threw it.

Footage of that Veto Competition will be part of the October 10 episode.

Jag Bains won the Power of Veto. Cameron Hardin and Cory Wurtenberger didn’t even play, presenting a backdoor option for Bowie Jane. Would she take that route at the Veto Meeting?

Did the Power of Veto get used by Jag Bains?

Jag used the Power of Veto. He saved Felicia from the block and forced Bowie Jane to name a replacement nominee.

Bowie Jane was given a heads-up from Jag about what he was doing, so she was ready to implement her plan.


Bowie Jane named Cameron as her replacement nominee.

The final nominees for the week are Cameron and Cirie.

The October 12 Eviction Ceremony will now send one person to the BB25 jury house.

Can Cameron rally support during a week where he is being targeted for a backdoor? Or is he about to experience a second eviction?

And will Bowie Jane end up on an island if Cameron is selected to serve on the jury? Or can she rely on her partnership with Matt Klotz and Jag?

Remain tuned! Big Brother 25’s final eight housemates will soon be made public.

On the live feeds, a BB25 house guest stated that they “want to go home.” If they choose to, they may self-evict.

They continued their personal jabs by claiming that Cameron has a “evil spirit” inside of him.

Big Brother 25’s past episodes may be watched online at Paramount+.

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