Big Brother 25’s Reilly Smedley Says She And Matt Klotz Are ‘Not Dating’ Because ‘He Needs Time’


Big Brother 25’s Reilly Smedley has some bad news for fans who were rooting for her and costar Matt Klotz’s romance.

“We are not dating right now. You know, he needs time. We talked about it. He needs time. He is doing his thing and I’m not gonna interfere,” Reilly, 24, revealed during a since-expired Instagram Live earlier this week.

Reilly added that she and Matt, 27, plan to continue their friendship. “I’ll always be his friend, but right now he was pretty honest, and he said that it’s not a good time for him,” she shared. “He’s overwhelmed. He has a lot going on. So, I’m going to be there for support when he needs me. And that’s that.”

Reilly and Matt sparked showmance rumors shortly after entering the Big Brother house in August. Their time together on the show didn’t last long as Reilly became the second evictee of the season later that month.

However, when Matt won his first Head of Household competition in October, Reilly proved that she hadn’t stopped thinking about the Deaflympian by writing his Head of Household letter, which is typically penned by one of the HoH’s family members, partners or close friends.

“[I] want you to know how much I miss you and wish I could be telling you all of this in person at 3 a.m. on the hammock,” Reilly wrote, adding that the feelings between them were “mutual.” She also included a photo of herself with Matt’s mom.


The duo reunited at the season finale in November, when Matt was crowned the season’s runner-up. One day after the BB25 conclusion, Matt exclusively told Us Weekly that he was “excited” to spend more time with Reilly and “see where it goes from there.”

He also shared that Reilly’s parents had moved to Georgia while she was in the Big Brother house. “So, she lives three hours from me,” explained Matt, who lives in Louisiana. “We live close now.”

Prior to announcing that she and Matt are just friends, Reilly shared a sweet Instagram snap of herself and the athlete with their arms around each other. “Finally got this guy out of the have-not room😉,” she captioned the November 13 snap, referring to an area of the Big Brother house.

Although Reilly and Matt’s love story ended before it really began, another showmance from Big Brother 25 is going strong: Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez.

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