Big Brother Doesn’t Have As Many Villains Anymore For This 1 Specific Reason


Big Brother has been a long-running social experiment, but some of the series’ best villains were in earlier seasons. Where are the villains now?

Big Brother is one of reality TV’s longest running series, but in recent years, the series has been missing compelling villains. Over the course of its run, Big Brother has introduced some of the most compelling reality TV characters of all time. While some players choose to play kind, others understand that cutthroat gameplay could get them closer to the grand prize, which is currently a thrilling $750,000. While there have been players who utilize multiple strategies to win the game, some of the most interesting Big Brother players have been the show’s villains. They may not be easy to root for, but their tactics are always interesting to watch.

While there have been some diluted villains in recent seasons of Big Brother, the series has been missing its more ominous villain-types for years, according to fans. Reddit user WashedUpChuck shared a post explaining, “During the more recent seasons, it seems like they’ve been casting people who are either too nice or in some cases just completely unlikeable…I wanna see some drama and good villains.” Big Brother casting typically revolves around player archetypes, but the recent “villains” have been more unlikable than villainous. While some players aren’t cut out to be villains, others are too scared to play the role.

Who Are The Most Infamous Big Brother Villains?

Some players would excel as villains, like Big Brother 25’s Cameron Hardin, if they let themselves commit to the identity and didn’t try to bring humanity back into their gameplay. According to Aquaphoric, “Part of it is that fewer people are willing to be villainous because they don’t want to be canceled.” This is likely true, as many of the most iconic villains have been canceled in one way or another. While the most notable Big Brother villain of all time, Dr. Will Kirby, is applauded for his tactics in the game, other villains aren’t as lucky. The most dastardly villains appeared on Big Brother before social media.



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Early villains, like Big Brother 5’s Jase Wirey, escaped from being canceled despite having an arrogance and cutthroat gameplay because their seasons aired before the rise of cancel culture. Other villains haven’t been as lucky. While Big Brother 8’s Evel Dick Donato was on the series before the rise of social media, he was still widely loathed by the Big Brother community. Despite his reputation, Dick’s gameplay led him to a win. Villains who have a better reputation, like Big Brother 10 winner and Big Brother 14 runner-up Dan Gheesling, have been able to leverage social media in their favor. Playing cutthroat doesn’t always have to mean taking that reputation outside the house.

While the CBS competition series has been sorely lacking in true villains over the last several seasons, their casting guidelines have changed quite a bit since Big Brother 22. After the second edition of Big Brother: All-Stars, the series shook up its casting and now has a minimum of 50% BIPOC cast members, making the dynamics in the house far more interesting. With casting changing for the better, it’s possible that some new-era Big Brother villains could be coming to the game in future seasons. Though Big Brother season 25 is over, there’s hope for Big Brother 26 and beyond.

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