General Hospital’s Josh Swickard And Amanda Setton Talk Boundaries And A Special Kind Of Steamy


The two GH stars open up about what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Actors. They make everything look so easy. Even the uncomfortable bits — especially the passionate. General Hospital stars Josh Swickard and Amanda Setton, best known to fans as Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine, recently tackled a pointed (though still extremely polite) question about their involved onscreen alter-egos, and their responses may surprise you.

Josh Swickard And Amanda Setton Talk Chalynn

During a recent Costal Entertainment Zoom, Christy — a self-confessed “huge Chalynn fan” — expressed disappointment that Chase and Brook Lynn’s single love scene had been “part of like a bigger love scene with other couples” and wondered if there was another similar sequence in the (fictional) couple’s future…but only if the duo were comfortable discussing the issue.

Swickard and Setton good-naturedly agreed to speak on the subject, and the latter was the first to do so. “Josh and I are both married. We have young families, we’re wildly committed to our spouses, and it’s a boundary for us,” said the actress. “So…far, the writers and the producers are super respectful of that, and we’re very grateful, and we are willing to chemistry it up and make-out up and make it all good in that way. But in terms of side by side in a bed with bra straps, it’s a bit of a boundary for us.”


“I think there’s ways to do it…there’s ways that they can massage the topic of, you know, falling into…bed,” chimed in Swickard. The actor explained it had to do with his growing brood. “Right now, I’m raising kids, and I’m like…they’re going to have the Internet in 13 years and thinking all those things through and wanting to do right, as an actor and wanting to do right by your family and throwing that all in a blender, it can be stressful at times.”

But Swickard noted that fans would have to wait to see what the future holds. “Right now, this kind of makes sense for both of us. And one reason we’re so grateful working together is because we kind of align on that, but that’s not to say there won’t be great steamy scenes in the future, you know, with our two characters.”

And who needs gratuitous shots anyway? As Setton explained, “I think we get pretty steamy. Like I think the way they write us and the gazing and the kissing and the loving and the hands on each other’s faces, and there’s a neck…it’s great.”

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