Brittany Exposes Jax For Telling A Major Lie To A Tabloid: “Who Does That?”


Brittany Cartwright had audio proof while confronting Jax Taylor for spinning a lie about where she’s currently living.

For Brittany Cartwright, enough is enough when it comes to Jax Taylor.

The couple, who announced they were “taking time apart” in March 2024 just before the series premiere of The Valley, met up for a post-breakup conversation shown in The Valley Season 1 finale, filmed six months after cameras initially went down for the show.

The two discussed why Brittany made the decision to leave Jax, their current status, and whether or not Jax was willing to change for the sake of their marriage. Based on a recent lie Jax told about where Brittany is living, that kind of personal growth didn’t seem possible in Brittany’s eyes.

Brittany Cartwright Exposes Jax Taylor for Lying About Where She Lives

During the heated conversation, Jax tried to convince Brittany they were on decent terms and working toward reconciling although she argued he wasn’t making an effort to go to therapy and still was not treating her kindly.

“We talk to each other every day,” he insisted.

“We talk about Cruz every day, not other things,” Brittany retorted, referring to the couple’s 3-year-old son. ” … I’m not saying I want to talk more to you, I don’t.”

Brittany then revealed another point of contention between the two: his apparent lies.

“You can’t go on like, TMZ, and be like, yeah, Brittany, moved back into the house when clearly I didn’t,” she said.

After Brittany decided she and Jax needed to separate, she took Cruz and moved out of the home, opting to stay in a series of Airbnbs instead of returning to The Valley residence the couple once shared. However, at one point, Jax told Page Six a different story entirely.

“I never said that, I said you’re at the house right now,” Jax insisted.

But Brittany had audio proof to back her up. She pulled up the actual Page Six interview clip, which had Jax telling a cameraman, when asked if he and Brittany will reconcile, “Oh, of course. This is not divorce, we’re taking some time apart.”


When asked if there were any living situation updates, Jax clearly responded, “Oh, we’re actually together, living in our home right now.”

Jax had to concede to a fed-up Brittany that he indeed lied about where she was currently living, but his apology didn’t make things better.

“It literally made people think I was lying,” she told him.

Later, in a confessional, she told producers: “Who just lies for attention? He does … I feel like I’ve woken up … what was I thinking staying with him this long?

Where does Brittany Cartwright live today?

Brittany and Jax have still not reconciled, as she was spotted in early June in Los Angeles sans wedding ring, while Jax stepped out with model Paige Woolen (although he later claimed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he does not currently have a girlfriend).

Brittany has not returned to The Valley home she once shared with Jax. Instead, Jax explained on the May 31 episode of his and Brittany’s When Reality Hits podcast she “got a place down the street” from their home. He did not clarify if this was the same Airbnb Brittany was previously staying in.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Well, how come you didn’t leave?'” Jax said in the episode. “I’m like, well, yeah, I pay the mortgage on my home now. I couldn’t pay the mortgage and, I don’t know, [for] two places. I can’t afford that. I can’t afford a mortgage and an apartment.”

He later noted Brittany “does really well for herself.”

Regardless, “We’re both close to our kid’s school,” he said of their 3-year-old son, Cruz Michael Cauchi. “And it’s going to be OK.”

See more of Jax and Brittany on Season 1 of The Valley, streaming on Peacock now.

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