Farmer Wants A Wife Fans Slam The Surprising 2025 Line-Up As Eight Lovelorn Heartthrobs Are Revealed


Farmer Wants A Wife has revealed the eight hunky men who will be looking for love in the 2025 season, but fans aren’t happy with the pick of the crop.

Channel Seven previewed the line-up on Instagram last week as the network called for single Aussie women to sign-up and compete for the farmers’ hearts.

But viewers flocked to the comments to slam the lovelorn heartthrobs who are set to grace screens next year – with many noting most of the farmers are rather young, aged in their 20s.

One person wrote: ‘Where are the mature farmers? Plus 40-55 would suit more of the single market.’

Another commented, ‘Seriously where are the older Farmers in their 40s, 50s, 60s,’ while a third added: ‘Why does a 20 yr old need help to find a wife?’

‘One 35 and one 31 the rest are babies… ridiculous! Where are the older farmers??’ someone else wrote.

‘They are too young what about more mature farmers,’ yet another said.

One commented: ‘Young bucks again, no doubt decent people. But where are the mature men in their 40s and above?’

Eight handsome singles have been cherry-picked for the Seven dating show, but two men will be cut from the final line-up with just six farmers taking to screen next year.


The farmers in the running for the 2025 cast include a 29-year-old banana and avocado farmer from Mareeba, Queensland, called Reidy, along with seven others.

Dashing cattle farmer Jack, 26, from Oberon, New South Wales, is opening his heart to love in 2025, along with sheep farmer Jarrad, 21, from Stanthorpe, Queensland.

Beans, hay and cotton farmer Corey – who is 24 years old and hails from Biloela, Queensland – is also in the running for the official 2025 cast.

Handsome singleton Jack L, 26, who runs a dairy farm in Railton, Tasmania, has signed up along with sheep farmer Tom M, 31, from Borambola, New South Wales.

Also on the quest for love are wheat, barley and lentil farmer Thomas, 35, from Kimba, South Australia, and cattle farmer Chooka, 25, from Goornong, Victoria.

With the show still in pre-production, it remains to be seen which two farmers will be cut and which six will make it to screen to kick off their search for true love.

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