Farmer Wants A Wife Winner Slams Production In Rogue Post: ‘Honest Truth’


Farmer Wants A Wife’s Daisy Lamb has shared a rogue post on social media calling out the reality show’s production team. The 28-year-old gym manager, who found love with Farmer Todd Melbourne on this year’s season, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to say she has plenty of advice to offer the 2025 cast.

“If any girlies applying for S15 of FWAW wanna have a chat… HMU,” she wrote. “I’ll tell you the honest truth about the whole experience and give you a play-by-play of the many ways in which production can AND will f**k you over.”

This isn’t the first time Daisy has spoken out about the show after her co-star Ellen was ‘edited out’ and received very little screen time.

Ellen, who was also a contestant on Farmer Todd’s farm, shared a post last month saying she was thankful to viewers who had sent emails to Channel Seven “complaining about my obvious omission from the edit”.

“A big F**K YOU to production who did you so dirty (still pisses me off),” Daisy commented on Ellen’s post.

Farmer Todd’s huge reunion announcement

During last month’s reunion episode, Farmer Todd and Daisy surprised fans when they revealed they were ready for marriage.

“For me, it was just so amazing that this beautiful man could take me to this spot and be so vulnerable with me straight up. You know, he took me to the place where we’re going to get married,” Daisy told a shocked Samantha Armytage after taking a seat on the couch.


“Wait, let’s [rewind], are you getting married?” Sam asked.

“I haven’t got down on one knee yet, but yeah, we’ve both had a chat about it and marriage and kids and [starting] that next chapter of our life together,” Todd said. “We want a few little rugrats running around sooner rather than later. Daisy said I’ve gotta put a ring on the finger before the kids.”

“That was the agreement,” Daisy replied. “I’ll give him his family, but he’s got to give me a nice, big rock first!”

In a recent interview with New Idea, Daisy said she and Todd will “start to think about marriage” in the next 12 to 18 months.

“There’s definitely kids in the future. We actually sat down last week and went through kids’ names – which ones we did and didn’t like!” she shared.

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