Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah & Joe Fuel Engagement Rumours After Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice Huge Rock


Farmer Wants A Wife success story Sarah Carey and Farmer Joe Bobbin have sparked engagement rumours after fans noticed a cheeky detail in one of her recent posts. Another engagement rumour? This show is definitely the show you want to sign up for if you’re looking for some loving!

Yep, you read that right! It’s only been a couple of weeks (or maybe even less, IDK time is bloody flying) since this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife reunion aired and there are already rumours swirling of an engagement from 2024’s batch of lovers.

Over the weekend, Sarah and Farmer Joe sent fans into a tizzy after viewers noticed a ‘yuge rock on the singer’s finger.

In an Instagram video, Sarah revealed that she’d actually written and performed a song for her hunky farmer on the show, but unfortunately, the producers cut it from the final edit.

So, to shed some light on her love story with Joe, she decided to share the song with her followers via an Instagram video.

Although the main focus of the video was Sarah’s super sweet song, fans couldn’t help but notice the big on her ring finger!!

And that’s not just a rock, that’s a bloody boulder!!! Here’s a zoom in:

Naturally, fans of the show and the couple flocked to her IG comments, complimenting the beautiful boulder.

“I spy with my little eye a pretty ring on your finger,” one fan wrote.

“First thing I noticed!! Do you have something to tell everyone Sarah?” another person replied.

“Is that an engagement ring???” another fan commented.

“Wait a minute… it looks like you have a special piece of bling 💍 on your finger, is that what I think it is? I really hope so,” another hopeful viewer shared.


Neither Sarah nor Joe have responded to the rumours or announced anything new in their relationship, but I wouldn’t surprised if we got a post soon.

Farmer Wants A Wife‘s Sarah shuts down break up rumours

Prior to the exciting engagement rumours, Sarah had to use her Instagram to slam break-up rumours involving Joe and her.

In the lead-up to the reunion episode, an insider told So Dramatic! that the relationship began to crumble when the show ended.

“By the reunion, they were already fighting and having major issues,” the insider spilled.

“The biggest one was that they hadn’t seen each other in the four weeks since filming wrapped.

“I think they’re definitely over by now as Joe has been sliding in the DMs of some of the women from the other farms on the show.”

In response to all the gloomy hullabaloo, Sarah shared a selfie with Joe confirming that she and her farmer were still going strong.

“Fun fact: My favourite movie is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, so I wore this dress as a good omen. Can confirm I didn’t lose the guy in 10 days 💛 (According to the rumours it was 11 😉),” she wrote.

In the reunion, Farmer Joe admitted that the pair hit some rough patches after the finale, but were still going strong post-reality TV.

After all the backlash Sarah got after she was picked by Joe, I truly hope they are engaged! Both parties deserve to be happy, and if that’s with each other, so be it.

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