‘Fire Country’ Stars Who Would — Or Should — Make Crossover Appearances On Spinoff ‘Sheriff Country’


Fire Country‘s spinoff, Sheriff Country, hasn’t even premiered yet but there’s already questions about which characters will make crossover appearances.

Fans were originally introduced to the town of Edgewater when Fire Country premiered with inmate Bode (Max Thieriot) returning home and volunteering for the California Conservation Camp Program during season 1 of the hit show.

The season 2 backdoor pilot aired in April 2024 and the show received a straight-to-series order one month later.

The upcoming series will center around Mickey (Morena Baccarin) a.k.a Sharon’s (Diane Farr) stepsister who was at odds with her in the past. According to CBS’ synopsis, Mickey investigates criminal activity and patrols the streets of small-town Edgewater while contending with her ex-con father and a mysterious incident involving her wayward daughter.

CBS greenlit Sheriff Country but the series isn’t expected to premiere until the 2025-2026 season. While viewers wait for more details on the highly anticipated series, there are already some ideas about which characters from the OG show should make crossover appearances.

Lucky for Us, several cast members including Stephanie Arcila and Kevin Alejandro have also weighed in on whether they would appear on the spinoff series. Keep scrolling for everything we know about who would make a cameo — and who Us thinks should consider the option:

Bode Leone

Thieriot is reasonable for cocreating, directing and executive producing Fire Country based on his own experience growing up in real fire country. Thieriot subsequently expanded the universe with Sheriff Country.

Thieriot would likely make onscreen appearances as well due to Bode’s connection to his step-aunt Mickey. The duo got to a better place during season 2 of Fire Country and with Bode officially a free man, there is more room to have Bode involved in other story lines.

“I think there’s still a lot of room to explore,” Thieriot told Us Weekly in May 2024 about the franchise. “There’s more room to explore in Edgewater and outside of Edgewater. When I started, I was always putting the cart before the horse. In my head, I had probably at least three other versions outside of Fire Country. Whether any of those ever see the light of day — we’ll see. But I certainly have at least a couple more ideas for this world.”


Sharon and Vince Leone

During the backdoor pilot, viewers learned about why Sharon wasn’t on good terms with Mickey. The search for the person who killed the previous sheriff brought Mickey and Sharon closer together. But with Mickey’s bombshell revelation about her daughter, it would only make sense for Sharon to continue to spend time with her stepsister as they figure out their new normal.

And where Sharon goes, her husband, Vince (Billy Burke), would follow so Sheriff Country would have to feature the fan-favorite couple together.

Manny Perez

Despite Manny’s major obstacles throughout season 2, Kevin Alejandro loved the idea of seeing his character on Sheriff Country in some way.

“Absolutely. I think it’s a brilliant idea to have these worlds coexist together,” Alejandro exclusively told Us in May 2024. “It’s a big world and it just leaves more opportunity for other things to transpire out of this universe that’s been created. I’d love to go over to shoot some Sheriff Country.”

He continued: “And I’d love for them to come over and add more dynamic to our show. It just makes everything more complex and more artistic and more beautiful.”

Gabriela Perez

“That would be incredible. Not only that, Morena was so sweet and amazing and talented when they did the backdoor pilot for episode six,” Arcila gushed to Us in May 2024. “It would be a dream to work with her. She fits right into our little Fire Country family.”

Eve Edwards and Jake Crawford

The town of Edgewater isn’t exactly that big so it would only make sense that the sheriff would cross paths with the fire department. With Jake (Jordan Calloway) running things at Station 42, he would have room to crossover to Sheriff Country. The same would apply for Eve (Jules Latimer) since Three Rock has assisted with many larger issues alongside Cal Fire.

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