General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, December 5: Ava’s Face-Off, Dante’s Discovery, Curtis’ Interrogation


Tuesday, December 5 General Hospital spoilers state that Ava Jerome (Maura West) will face Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is notified by Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) of his discovery. Reassurance is given by Laura Collins (Genie Francis).

Jacqueline Grace Lopez’s character Alison “Blaze” Rogers Ramirez confides in Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi). In addition, Donnell Turner’s Curtis Ashford has some queries for Maurice Benard’s Sonny Corinthos.

Ava Jerome’s Confrontation

GH spoilers for Tuesday, December 5 reveal that Ava is really scrambling trying to figure things out. Just when Ava thinks she is getting ahead, another discovery or twist throws her off balance.

After Austin Gatlin-Holt’s (Roger Howarth) murder, Sonny accused Ava of doing it herself. Sonny demanded the truth from Ava. Of course, Ava maintained her innocence.

Next, Ava will try to figure out her next move. After all, Ava has a lot to lose if this doesn’t go down right. Fans can expect Ava to confront Cyrus. Now, even though Cyrus is pretending to be a frail old man mopping floors after his prison release, Ava’s face-off could be like a stack of dominos falling.

Curtis Ashford’s Questioning

He’ll be determined to find out the truth about the shooting at Metro Court after he gets over with Curtis. Curtis wants justice, or at least some answers, because he ended up in a wheelchair that day.

Answers are also required for Finola Hughs Sonny and Anna Devane. Sonny and Anna are still in danger until this case is resolved.


Curtis is going to ask Sonny some questions. Curtis tells Sonny that he has to start over in the weekly preview clip. Will Curtis now notice something that was previously invisible?

Dante Falconeri’s Discovery

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, December 5 reveal that Dante speaks with Sam about his discovery. This discovery is likely connected to Anna and Sonny’s case. In a preview clip, Sonny tells Anna about a missing report.

Then, Anna says there is someone else involved. Now, Dante is seen in a separate location holding an evidence bag. Dante seems conflicted and gulps heavily.

Tuesday, December 5

On Tuesday, December 5, fans can expect Laura to offer Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) some reassurance. Also, Kristina learns more about Blaze. Fans just watched as Blaze mentioned where her stage name came from. Blaze also told Kristina her full legal name.

Following that, Kristina confided in Blaze about her violent high school relationship as well as a few other problematic past interactions. It appears like these two are becoming increasingly closer. But might Blaze be hiding anything from us?

Which plot line are you most interested in seeing? Post your ideas in the space provided for comments below. Recall to watch the ABC soap opera to see what happens next.

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