GH Spoilers: Carly Finds Out Jagger Is Blackmailing Jason-Does Agent Cates REALLY HAVE PROOF Of Her Misdeeds?


General Hospital spoilers make it known that Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) may soon find out that John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) is blackmailing Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Carly May Rescue Jason This Time

She might hear something that Jason and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) are saying. Jason may reveal to her that he is an FBI informant.

Carly may choose to turn herself in to save Jason because she won’t put up with him being made to do anything against his will. Although Carly is unaware of it at the moment, she is facing many RICO charges.

Carly took over Sonny’s business while he was away in Nixon Falls with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), as played by Maurice Benard’s character Sonny Corinthos.

She ran the organization with Jason, and the two of them were about to seal the deal by getting married. The marriage only lasted a few hours since Sonny came home. But all this took place in a relatively short period of time.

John could be referring to this time when Carly was running Sonny’s business, or he’s using all this as leverage against Jason. There’s no way that Jason would take a chance with Carly’s freedom.

For someone to be charged with RICO violations, there must be no doubt that the crime was committed. What proof would John have of this exactly? If there were, in fact, proof, it indeed would have been leveraged against her when she was about to go down for insider trading.

However, Jason seems to think there is cause for concern. So far, not much has been said about what Carly actually did to get into this trouble. Before Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) went to prison for her, Carly was offered a deal to turn Sonny into the feds. If she took the deal she would not have to face jail time.


Why Would the Feds Be After Carly and Not Sonny?

It makes no sense that the feds would have all this evidence against Carly. However, after all this time, not have even a parking ticket to show that Sonny has broken the law.

Agent Cates may have simply manufactured this so-called evidence and tricked Jason into cooperating with the feds. Jason would probably rather be killed than work for him.

Nevertheless, Jason is here, risking his life to find information about Pikeman to bring back to “Jagger.” Carly won’t allow it to continue for one more minute until she discovers the truth.

Carly is going to march down to the PCPD and admit to doing something that never should have come up.

During the five families’ meeting, nobody in the room with Carly would have come forward to report her. Sonny went back to his job as a mafia boss, a “legitimate” coffee importer, and the leader of his group in Port Charles.

We can’t be expected to think that Carly would be the target of the feds instead of Sonny. John may have felt a twinge of guilt when he wrote Carly that small message saying, “I’m sorry for upsetting you,” while he was at Bobbie’s. If Carly didn’t need Jason to give up so much for her, would she really be in danger?

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