Sylvester Stallone’s Barn Embodies The ‘Horse Girl’ Trend In The Most Elegant Way Possible


Being a horse girl is cool again, according to the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Beyoncé. Perhaps nowhere embodies an elevated version of the trend than Sylvester Stallone’s barn. The barn, designed by celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, is an homage to horse-themed antiques, with a living space, and a barn fit for Sylvester’s actual horse.

See inside the Rocky alum’s space inspired by the equestrian interior design trend below.

Sylvester’s barn is filled to the brim with horse-themed antiques sourced from all over the world. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard says, ‘I found the Hermes clocks in Paris, oil paintings in London, 18th-century etchings in a New York auction, old floorboards from Wisconsin, and leather club chairs in Rome. It was a true labor of love as all good decorating is!.’

The decor is a lesson in decorating with antiques. Our favorite feature is the small, masculine living room built into the barn featuring leather chairs and a circular wooden table.

Interior design experts love the space. Ashley Southworth, California-based designer at Southworth Interior Design, says, ‘The use of antiques adds a unique personality to space, making it truly one of a kind. Using vintage materials adds soul to the environment which naturally sparks curiosity among visitors. This often leads to unique conversations and opportunities for the homeowner to share the history behind the pieces they have selected.’


Jenifer Ebert, digital editor at Homes & Gardens states, ‘Decorating with antiques and vintage pieces with a classic motif like equestrian details helps to make a home timeless. By adding these antique pieces to his barn Sylvester Stallone elevates it from a functional space to an intentionally designed part of his home.’

The experts especially love the living space that Sylvester has created doubles as a space for entertaining. Designer Ashley Southworth says, ‘There are many benefits of making a functional space like a barn into a comfortable living space. One of my favorites is that it gives you options when hosting guests.’

She continues, ‘For example, this horse-themed barn would be a fun backdrop for an aperitif or after-dinner drink with cigars. When guests travel to different spaces on a property it creates a sense of adventure and wonder.’

Decorating with vintage is a guaranteed way to add timeless style to your home, bonus points if there is a horse involved.

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