Sylvester Stallone’s Face Paralysis – What Condition Was ‘Rocky’ Actor Born With?


Sylvester Stallone, one of the top action stars in Hollywood, was unfortunate to suffer from facial paralysis due to complications during birth. The American actor of Italian descent created an unmatched legacy for himself in the industry. However, he did not have it easy. Let’s take a look at the details of his facial paralysis.

Specific details about the condition have been provided by LA Peer Health on their website. It says, “Facial paralysis refers to not being able to voluntarily move some or all of the muscles of the face, which is typically the result of some type of damage to the facial nerve (also referred to as cranial nerve [CN] VII). These muscles are responsible for vital functions such as chewing, speaking, closing the eyes, and expressing moods and emotions.”

It further explains how paralysis usually occurs on one side of the face. It has the potential to be a devastating condition.

The site also talks about Stallone’s condition. It says, “The, actor famous for his roles as “Rocky Balboa” and “John Rambo”, was actually born with facial paralysis resulting from birth complications. The residual effects of Bell’s palsy are responsible for his crooked smile and slurred speech pattern.”


Reports have even suggested that Stallone’s condition is due to an unfortunate incident during his birth. His mother’s obstetricians were forced to use two forceps during labor due to some complications. The obstetrician accidentally severed Sylvester’s nerve during the process. This led to facial paralysis.

Stallone was bullied at a young age due to his slurred speech. He took it in his stride and coped with it by acting and bodybuilding.

Sylvester Stallone has admitted to having plastic surgery on his face

After earning fame through Rocky and Rambo, the action star decided that he would like to have plastic surgeries to alter his features. Although, he has not specifically admitted to having multiple surgeries. He has admitted to having surgery on the left side of his face, where he had paralysis.

However, according to Celebily, Stallone’s before and after looks clearly depict that he has had multiple surgeries. Some of those include a forehead lift, which gives his eyebrows a ‘surprised’ look, and a facelift (he has admitted to a left-side facelift but it has been seen that he has had a general facelift). The website also revealed that Stallone has had Botox injections and a jawline transformation.

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