Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Life In The Big Brother House


There are many widely known facts about living in the Big Brother house, but there are a few things that even die-hard fans don’t know.

Big Brother is a fun reality series and a great escape, but not many fans know much about the long-running game. Viewers find it easy to get immersed in the drama, strategy, scheming, backstabbing, and showmances week to week. Like any reality show, there are rules and aspects of the show that aren’t entirely real.

There are many things die-hard fans know about being in the Big Brother house, such as the fact that house guests are not allowed to talk about production, bring their personal devices inside, nor engage in any violent behavior. While many know how the game of Big Brother works, most don’t know the ins and outs of the house. With the seasons always changing things up, several Big Brother house secrets haven’t changed through the years.

Producers Control Utilities
Houseguests Can’t Control The Heat

Living in the house doesn’t necessarily mean that house guests have full control over their comfort, including the heating, cooling, or even the water. According to Reality Blurred, part of the contract stipulates that production might ration water usage and has full control over power and utilities. Thus, there are no 30-minute showers or cranking up the air conditioning on a hot day. The house guests need to live in whatever conditions production sets. This might be for the best, considering the houseguests could end up fighting over things like the temperature in the home if they were able to control it themselves.

House Guests Are Really Messy
Beds Are Always Unmade

Fans have probably heard houseguests talk about things like ant infestations or chastising their roommates for being messy and dirty. It’s not uncommon to see conversations going on in a room with clothing all over the floor, beds unmade, and the area generally unkempt. According to, the house has, in various seasons, reached especially disgusting levels, from food left around in bedrooms to dirty dishes sitting for days. It makes fans realize why there’s always a person each season who believes they should be kept in the house because they are the one who keeps it clean.


There Are A Lot Of Required Tests
Houseguests Had To Be Tested For COVID-19

While fans of the show know that for seasons 22 and 23, houseguests had to be tested for COVID-19 before entering the house, after which they had to quarantine for the required two-week period and continue testing throughout the season, but testing is a pretty normal part of the Big Brother process. According to Men’s Health, in every season, before being cast, house guests must undergo a psychological evaluation, pass an in-person interview, and get tested for STDs. The latter is particularly important considering how many showmances there have been on Big Brother.

Some Players Have Had Reactions To Being On Slop
Amanda Hansen Had A Seizure Due To Low Blood Sugar

One of the punishments in the later seasons of Big Brother includes having to sleep in a room with uncomfortable furniture, taking cold showers, and eating Big Brother slop, an oatmeal-like concoction. What fans might not realize is that several players have gotten sick from not eating anything but slop, including Big Brother season 9’s Amanda Hansen, according to Reality TV World. Amanda was hypoglycemic and did not get the amount of sugar she needed. She passed out and had a seizure because of her low blood sugar, and the event was captured on camera. She promptly received medical assistance and was back in the game in no time.

Clothing Is Regulated
Logo’s Are Not Allowed

What houseguests wear in the Big Brother house comes from their wardrobes, though there are a few restrictions, according to Players can’t wear clothing with logos to avoid branding issues. They also can’t wear certain materials, like silk, or patterns, like polka dots or thin stripes, simply because they aren’t picked up well on camera. Nonetheless, fans will note that players have been able to find ways to express messaging through clothing while still following the rules. One recent example is Derek F.’s “Black Lives Matter” shirts, which supported the BLM movement.

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