Yellowstone Fans Fume As CBS Airs ‘Watered Down’ Reruns Demanding New Episodes


Yellowstone made its network debut last night after the channel started airing reruns but fans of the cowboy Western were left disappointed by the edited version of the episode and wanted new instalments.

Yellowstone has made a comeback of sorts but die-hard fans of Taylor Sheridan’s epic contemporary cowboy series were far from impressed.

With the ongoing writers and actors’ strikes strangling film and television productions in Hollywood, CBS has started broadcasting repeats of Yellowstone to plug the gap in its fall schedule.

Yellowstone is filling the slots usually occupied by fresh content which would have been starting at this time but has been unable to due to the continued strike action with season five filming yet to resume.

CBS started airing Yellowstone right from the beginning but the show, which is usually shown on the streaming platform Paramount Plus, is subject to new restrictions to make it suitable for network viewing.

Yellowstone started right from season one, episode one titled Daybreak as the stage was set and the Dutton family introduced for the first time to new viewers.

A number of existing fans tuning in to watch CBS’ reruns were left unimpressed by the edited version of the show and took to social media to air their concerns.

One user called @uneekg wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “If your new and watching #yellowstone, don’t watch.

“They edited out too many funny scenes and kept all the legal drama. The @cbs version is missing the barnyard scenes with the workers.”

While another @admiralbrad1031 said: “Way to go CBS for editing Yellowstone, so what you gonna do edit and censor 3/4 of the show now.

“Why does this country continue to censor shows and songs on the radio when kids now these days watch and listen to music that has every word you can think of.”

A third @kedopaul said: “why would I watch this edited version of the network premiere of #YellowstoneTV #Sanitized #edited [sic].”

One user @Gramma4121 said: “I’ve watched the entire series; Yellowstone, 1883 & 1923, I’m rewatching to see just how much will change for #RegularTelevision.”

A fifth user called @cmadmax said: “How much will you cut out for network tv?”

Over on Instagram donnajean3436 said: “Nobody is excited about watered down reruns. Negotiate a fair deal and bring back television before you lose all of your viewers.”

There were also concerns about when the new episodes from Yellowstone season five, part two would be airing after viewers were left on tenterhooks by the show’s mid-season finale at the start of the year.

Yellowstone fan @DeeLesco wrote on X: “What is happening? I thought this was the continuance!!!”

A second user called xoxo__colbie said on Instagram: “We forgot since it’s been 10 months since the release of season 5 pt 1 [sic].”

While a third cristobalgarcia_huidobro posted: “When is the next Yellowstone season coming?”

Another tarastark said: “I’m about to forget it all. BRING BACK YELLOWSTONE.”

As a fourth pradanaadrian said: “Wee need season 5 part 2, don’t you forget it [sic].”

However, others coming to the show fresh were impressed by Yellowstone with one viewer @0406jf writing: “LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW. FINALLY SOMETHING TO WATCH. GOOD FLICK.”

Another @realbenmcdonald commented: “I see where CBS started #Yellowstone tonight from the very beginning Season 1 Episode 1. I’m gonna start it over again. How about you? [sic]”

A hird @1heInvestigator wrote: “I’m so happy that you’re doing this!”

Finally, @bmurphypointman said: “Love Yellowstone, Will be watching! who wants to do a watch party?”

Yellowstone airs on CBS on Sundays at 8.30pm EST

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