‘Big Brother’ Legends Rumored To Be On New Holiday Spinoff


While the official ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ cast has yet to be announced, an alleged cast of legends has been floating around on social media.

During the Big Brother 25 finale, it was announced that a brand new, spin-off show will air this upcoming holiday season. The show will feature Big Brother legends competing in a new version of the fan favorite reality competition show. The official cast of past Big Brother players has yet to be confirmed; however, a rumored cast list has been floating around on social media.

Longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the news of the new spin-off show, Big Brother Reindeer Games, at the conclusion of the recent finale. She confirmed that the cast would consist of nine Big Brother legends. She also shared that one of the nine houseguests will be a Big Brother 25 player. All of the season 25 houseguests were shocked to hear this news.

For the first time in Big Brother history, Julie will not be hosting the spinoff show. In fact, there will be no host for the show. Instead, three past players will be present to guide the legends through the new version of the game. Season 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and season 23’s Tiffany Mitchell and Derek Xio will play the role of “Santa’s Elves” in place of the host.

The Big Brother holiday spin-off will only last two weeks, with the premiere date set for Monday, December 11. Within the two weeks, six episodes will air. Unlike a regular season of Big Brother, the legends will not be living inside the famous house. The show will also be entirely prerecorded. Therefore, there will unfortunately be no live feeds for Big Brother Reindeer Games.

The cast of legends is set to compete in a completely unfamiliar version of Big Brother. Instead of playing for power, the houseguests will be competing for survival. Each episode will consist of three holiday-themed competitions, all of which will lead up to a “Santa Showdown.” This final competition will determine which player will be eliminated from the game. Then, in the final episode, the remaining four legends will compete for the $100k grand prize.

A Rumored Big Brother Reindeer Games Cast Has Surfaced

Although the official cast for Big Brother Reindeer Games has yet to be released, a rumored cast of legends has been floating on the Internet. In a tweet shared by Twitter user @ryansreputation, nine Big Brother legends that are allegedly filming for the show were revealed. Many of the rumored players are from more recent seasons, including one from season 25.

The player from the most recent season of the show that may be returning to the house quite soon is Cameron Hardin. Cameron was the first jury member of the season. Although he did not win the $750k grand prize, he was voted by fans to be America’s Favorite Player. While he would make for a good contender on the new show, it is questionable whether he would return so soon. Cameron has a seven-year old daughter at home whom he missed dearly while he was recently away for Big Brother for 100 days.


The least surprising alleged returnees are season 3’s Danielle Reyes, season 12’s Britney Haynes and season 16’s Frankie Grande. These three houseguests were featured in a season 25 promo during which they accidentally unleashed the Scramble-verse, Humila-verse, Comic-verse and Scary-verse into the Big Brother house, ultimately setting the tone for the milestone season. At the conclusion of season 25, the three houseguests returned to the famous house where they unleashed the BB Holiday Universe. Because they were in the video announcing the spin-off show, it is assumed they will be competing on Big Brother Reindeer Games as well.

Of the remaining rumored Big Brother legends to be competing on the spin-off show, there is only one non-winner. That player is season 24’s Michael Bruner. Although Michael did not win his season, he did make Big Brother history while competing on the show. Michael beat Janelle Pierzina’s long lasting record for most Power of Veto wins in one season. For years, Janelle held the record with five wins in season 7. Then, Michael took the title with six Power of Veto wins. Michael ultimately did not hold the title for very long, as season 25’s Jag Bains took the title with seven wins.

If this rumored cast is true, Michael will see a familiar face upon returning to the Big Brother house. Also allegedly competing in the Big Brother Reindeer Games is Taylor Hale. Taylor won season 24, the same season Michael also competed on. Taylor had one of the biggest comeback stories in Big Brother history. She went from being the biggest target in the house, to repeatedly being nominated, to ultimately taking home the $750k grand prize on finale night.

The other three Big Brother legends that are a part of the alleged cast have all won the show. They are season 19 winner Josh Martinez, season 20 winner Kaycee Clark, and season 13 winner Rachel Reilly. This would not be the first time Josh or Rachel have been asked to return to the famous house. Josh was supposed to be a part of the All Star cast in 2020. Unfortunately, one day before the live premiere, Josh tested positive for COVID-19 while in sequester for the show. Because of this, he was ultimately unable to compete on the show for a second time. Rachel, on the other hand, has already competed on two Big Brother seasons. She first gave the game a try during season 12 before returning the following summer for season 13, during which she finally was crowned the winner. Rachel was also asked to return for the All Star season in 2020; however, she had to decline the opportunity as she was pregnant at the time.

Although this cast of Big Brother legends is not confirmed for the brand-new show Big Brother Reindeer Games, it would be a fun group of legends to watch compete again. It is unclear when the official cast for Big Brother Reindeer Games will be announced; however, it is assumed that they will begin filming shortly after Thanksgiving.

Big Brother Reindeer Games will premiere on Monday, December 11 at 8pm on CBS. Past seasons of the competition series can be streamed on Paramount+.

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